ISSS Congresses

ISSS Research Meetings

The Ski Trauma and Ski Safety Congresses held by the ISSS every two years have brought together a wide variety of individuals interested in all aspects of skiing safety.

We have recently concluded our 22nd meeting in Innsbruck Austria in April 2017 and will reconvene for our 23rd meeting in Squaw Valley USA in 2019. More information will be posted on this website in due course.

Presentations focus on a multitude of subjects concerning snow sports safety, including the means to reduce the risk of injury, improve various aspects of the sports, and treat injuries.  Initially the prime subjects of interest revolved around snow skiing including alpine skiing and the many variations of cross-country skiing. In the last 15 years or so, with the development of other sports such as snowboarding, freestyle skiing, skiboarding, and other hybrid activities, the interests of the Society have widened considerably.

Attendees have included representatives of the skiing industry such as binding, boot, and ski manufacturers; engineers from industry, universities, and technical institutions; skiing professionals such as ski instructors and patrollers; ski area physicians; lawyers; ski area managers; and participants in recreational and professional skiing and riding activities.  Interchange of ideas, comments, and critiques are encouraged during formal discussion of the papers.  Many of the individuals who attend these meetings are involved in the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards process or those of other national and international standards organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as well as members of the International Society of Skiing Safety.


The full list of ISSS meetings held since 1974 is as follows:

Riksgräsen, Sweden hosted by Ejnar Eriksson, MD – 1974
Sierra Nevada, Spain hosted by José M. Figueras, MD – 1977
Queenstown, New Zealand hosted by Michael Lamont, MNZSP – 1979
Boronio, Italy hosted by Max Magi, MD – 1981
Keystone, Colorado hosted by C.D. Mote, PhD & RJ Johnson, MD – 1983
Naiba, Japan hosted by Koreo Kinosita, D.Sc & Kenichi Yahashi, MD – 1985
Chamonix, France hosted by M-H. Binet, MD – 1987
Riksgräsen, Sweden hosted by Ejnar Eriksson, MD – 1989
Thredbo, Australia  hosted by John Zelcer, MD – 1991
Kaprun, Austria hosted by Peter Schaff, MD & Wolfhort Hauser, MD – 1993
Voss, Norway hosted by Arne Ekeland, MD – 1995
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada hosted by RJ Johnson, MD & R. Cadman, PhD – 1997
Breuil Cervinia, Italy hosted by Paolo Zucco, MD – 1999
Queenstown, New Zealand hosted by Michael Lamont, MNZSP – 2001
Pontresina, Switzerland hosted by Greog Ahlbäumer, MD – 2003
Arai, Japan hosted by Tsuneo Yamagishi, MD – 2005
Aviemore, Scotland hosted by Michael Langran, MD – 2007
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany hosted by Veit Senner,Dr-Ing – 2009

Keystone, USA. Hosted by Rick Greenwald and Irving Scher, PhD – 2011
Bariloche, Argentina. Held jointly with SITEMSH and hosted by Cali Martinez and Guillermo Estevez – 2013

St Vito di Cadore, Italy. Hosted by Nicola Petrone PhD – 2015

Innsbruck, Austria. Hosted by Prof Werner Nachbauer – 2017

Other conferences of note:-
  • SITEMSH 2016 – Japan,13th to 17th March 2017. Click for more details
  • 7th International Congress on Science and Skiing, 10-15th Dec, Austria. More details here.